Meet Kamaat Bey

Kamaat Nefert Bey relocated from Arkansas to the DFW. She created Auset Loc & Knowledge Lounge in November 2017 and business has been growing ever since. Auset Loc & Knowledge Lounge is dedicated to providing all clients with an excellent service. Kamaat specializes in starter locs, loc maintenance, grooming locs, promoting loc growth via handmade hair products, etc, as well as naturopathic and spiritual healing. Kamaat also created Auset Natural Love in June 2018. Auset Natural Love are all natural products dedicated to cleansing, moisturizing and stimulating the scalp, promoting hair growth, etc.  These are one of a kind products and can only be purchased from Auset Loc & Knowledge Lounge. Contact or book online to get the experience. Your appointment awaits you! 


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